The world at your feet with Accelerate2

Collecting customer information has never been easier!
Currently in more than 750 shops across 11 countries.
The world at your feet with Accelerate


Lightning fast boarding

We did most of the heavy lifting for you to provide a secure and easy way of boarding your customers into your loyalty program or CRM system.



By using a modular design our company can build tight integrations with your backoffice system. SalesForce is one of the default integration methods available.


Easy to work with

We work hard to create the best user experience while boarding. A wide range of mobile devices is supported. Even without a smartphone you can participate by using your tablet, laptop or desktop pc.


Hygiene and safety

Hygiene is very imporant in stores especially when there is a flu or an empidemic like Corona. That is why health organizations recommend that employees and customers minimize hand to hand contact and using there smartphone or debit card when buying products or services. Onboarding with the Accelerate platform complies with the above guidelines because it uses the customers mobile device.

* Accelerate is in full compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) *

Scalable Infrastructure

Our platform is build for maximum scalability.

Scalable Infrastructure


Customer Journey

When your customer is "on-board" or member of your brand you want to increase the contact frequency!
With the Customer Journey program we are able to set this up for you in a fast and easy way by sending SMS text messages in conjunction with digital vouchers.
A real personal "Customer Journey".


Local Activation

When your customer is "on-board" or member, our platform is able to approach them on their mobile device with personalized offers and marketing messages. You can send the customer an SMS text message with a link and a personalized offer combined with a voucher. The customer can show this voucher in all participating stores. This way you can generate extra sales.


Customer Lifecycle

With our SMS Gateway you can take your communication to the next level!
You now have the opportunity to create your own Customer Lifecycle based on your own customer data and sales behavior and boost sales with personalized text messages.


Consumer Research

When your customer is "on-board" or member, you can approach them with customized lists of questions to get instant feedback. Results are can be monitored real-time. This is a fast and affordable approach with instant results. This research takes place by using an SMS text message combined with IVR (Interactive Voice Respone).

Bright future ahead!

Because a happy customer is a loyal customer!
Birght future ahead